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For Those Who Want to Launch & Scale Your Soul Aligned Business:

Are you Ready to CHOOSE YOU?

Unleash Your Unique SPARKLE so that you can Embody Your Soul’s next Evolution and SOAR!


3 Ways We Can Get Started Together…

Choose YOU!

Discover how your Self Worth, your inner diamond, reflects all its various ‘Facets’ to the outer circumstances in and impacts every area of your life!

Discover why uncovering your «Diamond in the Rough’ so you can polish it and reveal its ‘Sparkle’ is the missing key to Stepping into your Power and Abundance!

Unleash Your Niche

Are you Ready to Create Messaging & Copy that Actually Works? Then, Align with your Soul-aligned NICHE in this value packed Masterclass!

Get Crystal Clear Clarity to the Specific Problem you Solve for the Specific Client so that you are Booked Up and Sold Out, as well as doing Exactly   What you LOVE to Do!

Start Listening!

Join Me Every Week for my Latest Episodes, Interviews & Topics on What it Takes to Choose You & Build a Thriving Soul Led Business so that you can Create the Abundance & Impact You Deserve!

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About me

Hi I’m Vicky, Aka Your Chief Sparkle Starter!

My journey has been from a frustrated, inauthentic people pleaser to a woman standing in my full power & authenticity from my deep place of self love, responsibility, acceptance and worth!

I call this my inner SPARKLE!

Once ignited, that sparkle explodes outwards like a firework and permeates every area of your life AND the lives of those around you. It’s a light that shines and transmutes the darkness, it’s a frequency that resonates above the noise and we all have it within us!

Let me support you in this journey!

Vicky ‘Sparkle’ Leckenby

Amazon Best Selling Author, Course Creator, Speaker and Coach

How to work together?

1:1 Coaching

This is my Premium Service designed to get you want to go in the most time efficient way.

This pathway is for those who are serious about their goals and are ready to take MASSIVE action. It also includes Group Coaching and a Retreat!


Take the next step in your Evolution in a supportive environment with other visionaries and leaders ready to take their businesses to the next level.

This journey is for those who are ready to go faster and make it happen! 

Hot seat coaching, teaching and mentoring via both Live and Recorded Group Calls tailored to via my Exclusive Membership.

Online Courses

This pathway is for you if you are not ready to commit to coaching but you do want to move forward with a clear, tried and tested plan that works!

I help coaches/course creators who want to overcome their blocks on charging so they can secure their first high ticket clients using my Sparkle System to feel really worthy to charge their value without taking even more courses that won't work
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